"But I don't want to be among mad people!"

I am a:
Book Worm
Born Again Christian
Mommy (Alyce Rae was born 6/25/12 3:57am)baby two is due 2/15/15
Married to my best friend 4/16/11
Tattoo addict
I'm a HUGE Alyce in Wonderland Fanatic
(yes that's why my daughter is named Alyce)
Comic book Lover
(Batman and Xmen mainly)
Animal lover
An open book
23 years old
Anything else? Feel free to ask.
I love making new friends and I'm pretty easy to talk to.
(From what I'm told)

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And all the while I feel like I’m standing in a crowded room, screaming at the top of my lungs, and no one even looks up.



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wow it works every time

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the only exception // paramore

and up until now i had sworn to myself
that i’m content with loneliness
because none of it was ever worth the risk

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If you haven’t heard the gospel, here it is:

Almighty God Yahweh made man to be in relationship with Him. We chose to rebel and instead chase after sin. The natural consequence for sin was sickness, perversion, and death. A repercussion that affected not only the initial…


age 7: I want to be a teen titan

age 18: I want to be a teen titan

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